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4 02 MESSAGE OF THE PRESIDENT PARIS 2 One hundred years a昀琀er the Summer Games Paris 1924, the Games are back in France, and we have huge ambition for Paris 2024. Our aim is to share this unique celebration with the largest number of people possible, and to o昀昀er a new event model, one that is open to all and in tune with people’s aspirations, especially those of the younger generations. Paris 2024 will be a spectacular celebration that takes sport out of the stadiums and into new and unexpected places: to the foot of the Ei昀昀el Tower and on the Champ de Mars, inside the Grand Palais, in front of the Invalides, on the Place de la Concorde, in the park of the Château de Versailles. Even the Opening Ceremony, taking place in the very heart of the city, on the Seine, will attract over 600,000 spectators.. They will also be interactive Games – the 昀椀rst in Olympic history to include mass participation events alongside programmes to open the Games up to all the communities, sports stakeholders and citizens who aspire to be part of this once-in-a-lifetime journey. They will be responsible Games, with maximum use of existing infrastructure ensuring we only build facilities that the local population really needs. And they will be useful Games, which mobilise political, 100 years after the economic, community and cultural decision-makers, as Summer Games Paris well as the sports movement, to put more sport into 1924, the Games are back people’s daily lives. in France, and we have As the spotlight has now turned towards 2024, everything huge ambition for Paris is in place to bring our ambition to life. Already, we have 2024. Our aim is to share 27 worldwide and national partners by our side; more than this unique celebration 20,000 businesses registered to tender for Games with the largest number contracts; more than 2,300 local communities engaged in of people possible, and to promoting sport and the Olympic and Paralympic values; almost 300,000 members signed up to the Paris 2024 Club offer a new event model. and every part of the French sports movement engaged. TONY ESTANGUET, All of France is getting ready to welcome the world in 2024. S PRESIDENT OF PARIS 2024 E M A TONY ESTANGUET N G E P PRESIDENT OF PARIS 2024 4 O 2 0 S 2 I R A P 2

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4 02 PARIS 2 OF CON LE TEN AB TS T 01 03 A SPECTACULAR GAMES OPEN AND CREATIVE TO SOCIETY 21 CELEBRATION OF SPORT 5 3.1 Games o f a new era 22 1.1 A c elebration to everyone 8 Sustainable and useful Games 23 The Tokyo handover ceremony 8 Environmentally responsible Games 27 An Opening Ceremony at the heart Games that provide economic of the city 8 opportunities for businesses 31 Culture at the heart of the event 10 Games that drive employment and 10 1.2 A s tage like no other 11 training 32 Taking sport out of its traditional space 11 3.2 Pr omoting sport’s role in society 33 World-renowned competition venues 12 More sport to combat 1.3 The new olympic sports 14 sedentary lifestyles 34 Breaking, a new olympic sport 14 Sport for education and participation: Paris 2024’s additional sports 15 Génération 2024 36 Sport for social innovation: 1.4 Spec tators to become Games participants 16 the Paris 2024 Endowment Fund 38 1.5 The f ace of the Paris 2024 Games 17 Sport’s contribution to society knows no borders 39 02 GAMES WHERE EVERYONE 04 CAN PARTICIPATE 18 2.1 F eel the energy KEY INFORMATION 40 of the Games right now 19 4.1 K ey milestones reached 41 The Paris 2024 Club: the excitement of 4.2 Main ev ents in the run-up to 2024 42 the Games, available to everyone 19 S "Terre de Jeux 2024": the spirit of the 4.3 K ey figures 43 E Games in the four corners of France 20 4.4 Olympic v enues master plan 45 M A Pre-Games Training Centres: hosting 4.5 The 48 Olympic disciplines 47 N G champions in the making 20 E 4.6 Biographies 48 P 4 O 2 0 S 2 I R A P 3

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4 02 A SHARED JOURNEY: PARIS 2 THE PARIS 2024 STAKEHOLDERS The Organising Committee thanks all the stakeholders involved in the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games; All the signatories of the Host City Contract (the Comité National Olympique et Sportif Français (French National Olympic and Sports Committee), the City of Paris and the International Olympic Committee), as well as the International Paralympic Committee, and the Comité Paralympique et Sportif Français (French Paralympic and Sports Committee). The public stakeholders (the State, the Ile-de-France region, the Greater Paris metropolitan authority, the département of Seine-Saint-Denis and all the host authorities) that are involved, with the help of SOLIDEO and the Games partners, to organise the Paris 2024 Olympic Games in a manner that lives up to all our ambitions. The sports movement, all of its actors (federations, leagues, committees and clubs), the athletes, and with them, our social partners and the numerous representatives of civil society. GAMES DESIGNED WITH THE ATHLETES The Paris 2024 Athletes’ Commission © P P hilipp / KMS e AU MILLERE The Athletes’ Commission chaired by Martin Fourcade and comprising 19 athletes, is tasked with helping to create the best Martin Fourcade possible experience for the athletes who will compete at the French biathlete, Games. 昀椀ve- times Olympic champion, chair of the Composition of the Athletes’ Committee: Paris 2024 Athletes’ Martin Fourcade (biathlon), Perle Bouge (para rowing), Commission Julien Benneteau (tennis), Florian Rousseau (track cycling), « We share our expertise with Gévrise Emane (judo), Théo Curin (para swimming), the Paris 2024 team on a daily basis Hélène Defrance (sailing) Michaël Jérémiasz (wheelchair tennis), and advise them on what Marie Bochet (para alpine skiing), Astrid Guyart (fencing), the athletes expect. But our task S goes much further than that: E M Stéphane Diagana (athletics), Jessica Harrison (triathlon), we play an active part in building A Guillaume Gille (handball), Diandra Tchatchouang (basketball), the project and its legacy, N G in particular by giving sport a more E Lucas Créange (para table tennis), Gwladys Epangue (taekwondo), central place in our society. P 4 OFabien Gilot (swimming), Fanny Horta (rugby sevens), It’s a way of sharing what sport 2 has given us with as many people 0 Romain Girouille (archery) S 2 as possible » I R A P 4

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4 02 PARIS 2 How does Paris 2024 want to make its mark on Olympic and Paralympic history? By reinventing the Games experience with bold and creative ideas including: A Games plan that TAKES SPORT OUT OF THE STADIUMS and into unexpected places in the very heart of the city, with competitions staged at some of the most iconic landmarks in the world THE OPENING CEREMONY TAKING PLACE IN THE BEATING HEART OF PARIS, on the River Seine, attended by more than 600,000 spectators: a breathtaking spectacle that shows the world the best of France CERTAIN SPORTS EVENTS OPEN TO PUBLIC PARTICIPATION, notably including the marathon competitions, held on the same day and course as the medal races. S E M A N G E P 4 O 2 0 S 2 I R A P 6 Jamie Squire/Getty Images


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4 4 02 02 PARIS 2 PARIS 2 A ROUTE ALONG THE SEINE 1 A CELEBRATION 6KM OPEN TO EVERYONE AT LEAST 600.000SPECTATORS 10 TIMES MORE PEOPLE THAN THE STADE DE FRANCE .1 COULD ACCOMMODATE SOME 160BOATS THE TOKYO HANDOVER © Paris 2024 / Florian Hulleu CEREMONY On 8 August 2021, Paris o昀昀icially became the next host city for the Olympic Games. A UNIQUE EXPERIENCE FOR SPECTATORS AND To mark the event, Paris 2024 brought the City of Light ATHLETES ALIKE to hundreds of millions of TV viewers, to the sound of a With an uninterrupted view along the Seine, a sound Teddy Rinner © P S B reworked version of the Marseillaise. Viewers were treated apt KM i / s system and 80 enormous screens installed along the te uot P to a thrilling BMX race across the roo昀琀ops of Paris; route, spectators will not miss a moment of the spectacle, Three-Time olympic aq champion judoka and a gigantic Paris 2024 昀氀ag was 昀氀own from the Ei昀昀el and can drink in the unique atmosphere permeating "Experiencing an Olympic Ceremony, while Tower, as planes streaked the colours of the French 昀氀ag every corner of the city. across the sky. representing France, is always intensely emotional. But to experience it here, in The athletes will be at the heart of the ceremony as never France, at the heart of Paris and in direct before: they will kick proceedings o昀昀, and contribute to contact with spectators who have come from In the Trocadéro gardens, French medallists returning from all over France and all over the world, will the ceremony from beginning to end, as they pass down Tokyo celebrated the Games’ arrival in France, with over indubitably be unforgettable. This Opening ©BOBY the Seine. They will have a superb view of the capital, and 5.000 at the Livestream. Ceremony will break the mould. Even now, will get a glimpse of the exceptional venues in which they I cannot wait to be there!" A HISTORIC CEREMONY are to perform. IN THE HEART OF THE CITY A CEREMONY DEVISED THROUGH CLOSE COLLABORATION Paris 2024 is breaking the mould: for the 昀椀rst time ever, The Opening Ceremony of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games the Opening Ceremony of the Summer Olympic Games has come about through shared ambition and close will be held in the very heart of the city, aboard a 昀氀otilla of collaboration between the State, the Paris municipal boats carrying participants down the Seine. The world’s authorities, the Île-de-France regional authorities, greatest celebration of sport, in the world’s 昀椀nest city! AN OPEN-HEARTED AND POPULAR CELEBRATION the IOC and the CNOSF. Never before will so many people have shared Throughout 2021, Paris 2024 has been working closely with the public authorities to validate all aspects of in the experience of an Opening Ceremony: the plans: operational, technical, 昀椀nancial, judicial at least 600,000 spectators will be watching from the quays and bridges along the Seine. Around half will and regulatory. This work will continue in 2022. The artistic direction be admitted free of charge! S PARIS’ ARCHITECTURAL HERITAGE AS AN S for the ceremony will also be chosen in 2022. E E M UNEQUALLED BACKDROP M A A N G N G E E P The Seine, its bridges and the monuments of the capital P 4 O will serve as the backdrop to a breathtaking spectacle, 4 O 2 2 0 0 S 2 in which artistic performances blend harmoniously with S 2 I I R sporting performances. R A © Paris 2024/pawel.gaul/Florian Hulleu A © Paris 2024 / Florian Hulleu P P 8 9

4 02 PARIS 2 CULTURE AT THE HEART OF THE GAMES Opening up the Games also means opening up perspectives and removing barriers to forge closer links between sport and art, and between artists and athletes. To create an even more innovative and creative spectacle, Paris 2024 has placed culture at the heart of its plans: BY COMBINING SPORT AND CULTURE, at the foot of some of France’s most iconic monuments, such as the Ei昀昀el Tower or the Château de Versailles. BY COMBINING SPORT AND CULTURE at all celebration venues. BY AIMING TO UNEARTH NEW TALENT throughout the Cultural Olympiad and then the Olympic Festival, with a special focus on young generations of artists, emerging trends and countertrends. BY WELCOMING CULTURES FROM AROUND THE WORLD, promoting diversity and the mixing of cultures. The Cultural Olympiad has been organised in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture and its associated institutions, and all the stakeholders involved in bringing Paris 2024 S to life. It began with the last breath of the Tokyo E M Games. Cultural events took place as part of A N G Paris' 20th annual "Nuit Blanche" celebrations. E Flagship institutions like the Théâtre National P 4 O de la Danse and the Musée du Quai Branly have 2 0 also contributed. The whole cultural ecosystem S 2 I will be working overtime throughout the 昀椀rst R A P half of 2022. 10 © Cameron Spencer/Getty Images

4 02 PARIS 21 A STAGE LIKE .2NO OTHER TAKING SPORT OUT OF ITS TRADITIONAL SPACE Some of the most beautiful sites and landmarks that Paris and France have to o昀昀er will provide a magni昀椀cent showcase for the performances of the world’s greatest athletes, bringing sport and the national heritage together in unexpected ways. THE GRAND PALAIS for fencing and taekwondo THE CHAMP-DE-MARS ARENA for judo and wrestling LA CONCORDE for urban sports THE ESPLANADE DES INVALIDES for archery, the end point of the marathon and the start of the cycling time trials. THE EIFFEL TOWER STADIUM for beach volleyball THE CHÂTEAU DE VERSAILLES for equestrian sports and four events in the modern pentathlon Paris 2024 THE EIFFEL TOWER STADIUM THE CHÂTEAU DE VERSAILLES S E M A N G E P 4 O 2 0 S 2 I R A P 11 Paris 2024

4 02 PARIS 2WORLD-RENOWNED COMPETITION VENUES Paris 2024 will also o昀昀er the athletes the best A CELEBRATION OF THE GAMES possible conditions for competition at THROUGHOUT FRANCE world- renowned sports venues that are used to hosting major events on a regular basis. THE STADE DE FRANCE for athletics and DECENTRALISED EVENTS: sailing in Marseille, rugby sevens sur昀椀ng in Tahiti, men’s and women’s football ROLAND-GARROS for tennis and boxing tournaments in Marseille, Bordeaux, Lyon, THE PARC DES PRINCES for football Saint- Etienne, Nice and Nantes (as well as Paris), THE BERCY ARENA for artistic gymnastics, handball in Lille. trampoline and the basketball 昀椀nals THE TEAHUPO’O WAVE IN TAHITI for sur昀椀ng. 780 REFERENCED GAMES TRAINING CAMPS: 415 local territories labellised "Terre de Jeux 2024" will be hosting international sports delegations for their preparation for the Games. The list of the Games Training Camps is available on: TORCH RELAY: the Olympic torch will be carried all over France by thousands of torch-bearers, culminating at the opening ceremony in Paris. THE STADE DE FRANCE S E M A N G E P 4 O 2 0 S 2 I R A P 12 Paris 2024

4 THE BEST-POSSIBLE 02 GAMES EXPERIENCE PARIS 2 80% of competition venues less than 24 30 minutes from the Athletes’ Village sports within a 10km radius of the Athletes’ Village and 29 sports within a 30km radius Athletes’ All Olympic and Village less than Paralympic venues accessible for 2KM persons with disabilities and by from the public transport Olympic Stadium THE PARIS 2024 PARALYMPIC GAMES: RISING TO THE CHALLENGE OF A HISTORIC FIRST IN FRANCE The Paralympic Games concept has been designed to mirror that of the Olympic Games. The 4,400 Paralympic athletes will compete in eye-catching venues that will give the events maximum visibility: THE CHÂTEAU DE VERSAILLES for para equestrian, THE GRAND PALAIS for wheelchair fencing and para taekwondo, and THE EIFFEL TOWER STADIUM for 5-a-side football. Paris 2024 is committed to delivering truly exemplary Olympic and Paralympic Games in terms of universal accessibility by ensuring that everyone, athletes and spectators alike, can enjoy a barrier-free experience and participate fully in the Games at both competition S and celebration venues. The enhancement of existing E M infrastructure and the creation of new accessible facilities A N G will leave a tangible legacy at the competition venues. E P 4 O To 昀椀nd out more, check out our Paralympic Games 2 Presentation Pack on our media space of Paris 2024: 0 S 2 I R A Paris 2024 P 13

4 02 PARIS 21 THE NEW .3OLYMPIC SPORTS Four additional sports have been chosen to feature in the Paris 2024 programme in line with the opportunity provided by the IOC. The aim was to select sports which: REFLECT THE MODERN WORLD are fully gender-balanced and will inspire new audiences, especially among young people. Are DYNAMIC AND SPECTACULAR with the promise of exceptional performances to excite Martin Lejeune spectators. breaking athlete, © ld 2 0 a 18 , Ub / R C I A O / UT silver medallist at the 2018 R BRING SOMETHING DIFFERENT, to the Youth Olympic Game programme, including the opportunity to build "Including breaking in the Games is great news. It’s a sign that our discipline is growing bridges with culture and inspire both creativity and being recognised. Moreover, the and participation by being accessible to all. competition will take place in the heart of BREAKING, Paris, at the Concorde, which will shine a spotlight on our sport. With all the urban A NEW OLYMPIC SPORT sports concentrated into one space, the urban park will be the place to be during the summer of 2024, with a festive atmosphere like no other." BREAKING will make its Olympic Games debut in Paris, in 2024. Popular with youth all over the world, this new urban sport combines ART, DANCE AND MUSIC, as well as STRENGTH AND ATHLETICISM. The breaking events (B-Boys and B-Girls) will be held at LA CONCORDE, an urban park in the heart of the city that will host all the Olympic urban sport disciplines (3X3 basketball, BMX S freestyle, breaking and skateboarding) as well E M as public entertainment events (concerts, A cultural exhibitions, sports demonstrations, etc.). N G E P 4 O 2 0 S 2 I R A P 14 Shohei Uda for OIS/IOC

4 02 PARIS 2024’S PARIS 2 ADDITIONAL SPORTS SPORT CLIMBING was included in the Olympic programme for the 昀椀rst time at the Tokyo Games, with a single event combining three disciplines, i.e., speed climbing, bouldering and lead climbing. At Paris 2024, at the Bourget venue in Seine-Saint- Denis, the programme will be expanded to include two separate events — speed climbing and a separate lead and boulder event — that will not only be spectacular but will complement each other perfectly. Simon Bruty for OIS/IOC SKATEBOARDING will take a new leap forward a昀琀er the Tokyo Games, with street and park events to be held at the extraordinary urban park at Place de la Concorde. 2014 - Comité International Olympique (CIO) - JONES, Ian SURFING, a truly breath-taking sport with strong links to the natural world, will provide an additional opportunity to promote the French natural heritage and open up the Olympic experience to new territories — this time in Tahiti. In the shortboard event, athletes will surf on one of the world’s most beautiful waves, Teahupo’o. Johanne Defay 2017 sur昀椀ng © s vice world champion e S ean Imag M. ty t H a e 昀昀 /G ey "Teahupo’o is a world-class surf spot, S with the most spectacular wave of the planet; the E M most demanding as well. We athletes could not have A dreamed of a better outcome. I have no doubt that N G the competition will be as intense as it will E be breathtaking. Paris 2024 will highlight P 4 O the environmental and cultural uniqueness of Tahiti, 2 a place surf calls home. All these factors point to 0 S 2 a magni昀椀cent showcase that will promote our sport I R and develop its practice in France ." A © Matthew Stockman / Getty Images P 15

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      4 02 PARIS 21 SPECTATORS TO BECOME GAMES .4 PARTICIPANTS For the 昀椀rst time in the history of the Games, Paris 2024 is inviting spectators to get on their UNPRECEDENTED CHALLENGES feet and EXPERIENCE THE GAMES AS TO EARN A RUNNER'S BIB! ATHLETES THEMSELVES. The Paris 2024 GENERAL PUBLIC MARATHON will be staged On Sunday 31 October 2021, marking on the same courses as the elite races, promising an unprecedented IMMERSIVE AND UNIQUELY 1000 day to go before the Paris 2024 EXCITING EXPERIENCE FOR THE GENERAL Olympics, 3,600 runners – all members PUBLIC. of Club Paris 2024 – took part in a unique race. On the world's most splendid The general public marathon will comprise avenue – the Champs Elysées – they TWO RACE FORMATS, with races over pitted themselves against two-time Olympic marathon winner, Eliud 10 and 42km, so that everyone... whether Kipchoge, of Kenya. The champion was experienced athletes or beginners, young or old, able-bodied or PERSONS WITH DISABILITIES, last to start, but managed to overtake can enjoy more than half the other runners. Those who held onto their lead were rewarded this exceptional Olympic Games experience. with a runner's bib for the public While the number of places and how they will marathon at Paris 2024. be allocated will be decided in 2022, one thing is certain: numerous activations will be organised through the PARIS 2024 CLUB, GAMES PARTNERS AND STAKEHOLDERS OF THE INTERNATIONAL SPORTS MOVEMENT in order to attract as many participants as possible. In fact, more than 2.000 Club Paris 2024 members have already secured their places! Delphine S 43, resident of Saint-Brévin, E M Paris 2024 Club member A N G "I’ve been running in a small family club E for years. Participating in the Paris 2024 P 4 O general public marathon is a dream come 2 true and a reward for all those who, like 0 S 2 me, keep going to the end, even though I they are not top-level athletes." R A Yonathan Kellerman P 16

      4 02 PARIS 2 1 THE FACE OF THE PARIS .52024 GAME A MEETING BETWEEN THREE SIMPLE, YET POWERFUL SYMBOLS AN EMBLEM SHARED BY THE A FACE THAT REFLECTS OUR OLYMPIC AND PARALYMPIC GAMES AMBITION TO BRING THE GAMES TO THE PEOPLE For the 昀椀rst time in history, the Olympic and Paralympic Games will share the same emblem. This emblem represents Paris 2024’s desire This important decision sends out a clear to organise more open Games, in which everyone message: that Paris 2024 has the same vision can play a part, and where spectators are also and the same ambition for both the Olympic participants. and Paralympic Games. S E M A N G E P ©© M Micichhaaeell Do Doddggee//GGeettytty I Imamaggeess ©© T Toom Shm Shaaww//GGeettytty I Imamaggeess ©© I Isseeultult Y YZZ D Diigagann 4 O Marianne l’engagée © Yseult YZ Digan, La Poste, ADAGP, Paris 2021 2 0 THE GOLD MEDAL THE FLAME MARIANNE S 2 I R Symbol Symbol In tribute to French spirit, A P boldness and creativity of excelling oneself of transmission 17


      4 02 PARIS 22 FEEL THE ENERGY OF THE GAMES RIGHT NOW YOU TOO CAN TAKE Paris 2024 has created the 昀椀rst ever club to o昀昀er the public a chance to EXPERIENCE THE GAMES FROM PART IN THE GAMES! THE INSIDE and promote participation in physical THE PARIS 2024 CLUB: activity. In the summer of 2020, the club’s most committed members were able to meet some of THE EXCITEMENT OF France’s greatest Olympic and Paralympic champions THE GAMES, AVAILABLE (Tony Parker, Teddy Riner, Florent Manaudou, Marie- Amélie Le Fur, Arnaud Assoumani, etc.) at sporting TO EVERYONE challenges held throughout the country. MORE AND MORE In the run-up to the Games, INITIATIVES WILL BE LAUNCHED TO ENABLE THE PARIS 2024 CLUB MEMBERS TO BECOME ACTIVE GAMES PARTICIPANTS by landing a place in the general public marathon, meeting famous athletes, taking part in the torch relay or becoming volunteers. To join the Paris 2024 Club and experience exceptional moments in the run-up to the Games, visit ALMOST 300.000 MEMBERS IN JANUARY 2022 50 MILLIONS OF KILOMETERS travelled by members S E during sports challenges M A N G E P 4 O 2 More than 0 2000 S 2 I general public MARATHON PLACES already R A P won thanks to the Paris 2024 Club 19 ©Julien Scussel

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      4 02 "TERRE DE JEUX" 2024 : PARIS 2 THE SPIRIT OF THE GAMES ALL OVER FRANCE Paris 2024 created the "Terre de Jeux 2024" label THE ACTORS OF THE SPORTS MOVEMENT in 2019 with the objective of involving all of ARE ALSO A PART OF THE ADVENTURE: France’s territories as well as the sports movement The Olympic and Paralympic federations on (federations, leagues, committees, clubs) in the the Paris 2024 Games sports programme have Olympic and Paralympic adventure starting now, received the label, and have been followed by other without having to wait for the Games themselves. sports federations and school sports federations. With the "Terre de Jeux 2024" label, even the The label has also been extended to all French smallest municipality or the largest French region embassies around the world, with the goal of CAN JOIN IN BY CREATING INITIATIVES AIMED involving not only French people living abroad, but AT PROMOTING SPORT IN THEIR TERRITORY also francophones, francophiles and all who wish and sharing the excitement of the Paris 2024 to participate in the Games in whatever capacity. adventure. Local authorities join in over 2.500 96 30 APPROVED ENTITIES RESIDENTS MILLION PEOPLE including over 2,370 in Berrac (Gers), the smallest live in a "Terre De Jeux 2024" local authorities approved municipality town or city (including Paris) PRE-GAMES TRAINING CENTRES: HOSTING CHAMPIONS IN THE MAKING In the three years leading up to Games, a network of 780 pre- Games training facilities throughout France will welcome international teams preparing for Paris 2024. These base camps will play a key role in athletes’ training and preparation, enabling them to train in facilities with optimal conditions; to acclimatise and project themselves into 2024, while soaking up the atmosphere of the host country. S The selection of the 780 centres, which span 415 local French E M A authorities, was carried out jointly by Paris 2024, together with N G the French NOC, NPC and a number of Olympic and Paralympic E P sports federations. The aim was to guarantee the highest quality 4 O 2 of equipment and facilities for athletes. 0 S 2 I R The list of Pre-Games Training Centres is available on https:// A © Benjamin Boccas P 20

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      4 02 PARIS 2 0 GAMES OPEN TO SOCIETY 3 S E M A N G E P 4 O 2 0 S 2 I R A P 21 0

      4 02 PARIS 23 GAMES .1OF A NEW AREA Conscious of the major shared challenges of our time – climate change, social inequalities and the need © P P for economic responsibility – PARIS HILI KMS PP / E AU 2024 IS WORKING WITH ALL GAMES Pr. Muhammad MILLERE STAKEHOLDERS TO ORGANISE MORE RESPONSIBLE, SUSTAINABLE Yunus AND INCLUSIVE GAMES. Nobel Peace Prize winner 2006, chair of the Yunus Centre and part of Paris 2024’s legacy programme as one of the stakeholders of the ESS 2024 project "The Games provide a wonderful opportunity to use sport to promote social issues and foster solidarity. Turning words into actions is a real challenge that the Paris 2024 organisers have agreed to take on." S E M A N G E P 4 O 2 0 S 2 I R A P 22 © Hinterhaus Productions/Getty Images

      4 02 PARIS 2 SUSTAINABLE AND USEFUL GAMES Sustainability is at the heart of the Paris 2024 Games concept. FEW NEW FACILITIES WILL BE BUILT AND THOSE THAT ARE WILL MEET LONG-TERM NEEDS, in particular for the inhabitants of the département of Seine-Saint-Denis. This département is one of the poorest in France, where sports infrastucture and housing are in very short supply. The Games will thus leave a useful legacy. PARIS 2024 ORGANISATIONAL COMMITTEE BUDGET 97% FROM THE PRIVATE SECTOR: 1/3 from the IOC, € 3.9 1/3 from national partnerships, billion 1/3 from ticketing income 3% FROM PUBLIC FUNDS, exclusively for the organisation of the Paralympic Games This funding will PAY FOR ALL EXPENDITURE By the end of 2021, Paris 2024 had already LINKED TO THE ORGANISATION OF THE secured 2/3 of its target investment from GAMES, including venue hire, overlay and S partners, totalling over E operations, competition organisation, delegation M A hospitality, athlete accommodation and N G transport, competition venue security, and E P 600 4 O the Opening and Closing Ceremonies. 2 million of euros 0 S 2 I R A P 23

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      4 GAMES TO PROVIDE 02 MOMENTUM FOR LOCAL PARIS 2 AND REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT Long-term investments managed by SOLIDEO SOLIDEO is the 昀椀nancier, planner and 1.5 billion supervisor of the permanent Olympic facilities, with the mission of OF PUBLIC FUNDING guaranteeing that the facilities will be delivered for the Paris 2024 State 67% Games. 3,6 Ile-de-France SOLIDEO is managing the billion region 10% construction of 62 permanent Behind all public Olympic facilities (including the funding is a City of Paris long-term public Athletes' Village, the Media Village, 10% investment. the Olympic Aquatic Centre, the Porte Other local authorities 8% de la Chapelle Arena, the renovation of the Seine-Saint-Denis Yves du Manoir Stadium and the Marseille Département council 5% Marina), which are being built by 32 di昀昀erent project owners and 昀椀nanced by 13 co- 昀椀nanciers. It has a triple ambition: environmental (notably through the promotion of a low- carbon construction model), economic and social (through the awarding of 25% of public 2.1 billion contracts to SMEs, VSEs and SSE structures OF PRIVATE FUNDING and the objective of 10% of working hours (property developers) reserved for integration). Priority given to investments with a post-Games legacy S 95% 2 2 100% 20 E M OF COMPETITION TWO SPORTS VENUES ATHLETES’ AND OF INFRASTRUCTURE LOCAL SPORTING A SPECIFICALLY BUILT FOR MEDIA VILLAGES DEVELOPED WILL BE FACILITIES IN N G VENUES ARE EITHER E EXISTING OR THE GAMES: DONATED TO ÎLE-DE-FRANCE WILL P TEMPORARY which will be transformed THE COMMUNITY BE UPGRADED 4 O The Olympic Aquatics Centre into sustainable, comfortable AFTER 2024. 2 0 The Bourget Sport neighbourhoods after S 2 Climbing Venue the Games, with all the I R necessary local services. A P 24

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      4 02 PARIS 2 © SOLIDEO – Dominique Perrault, Architecte mandataire, (Groupement DOMINIQUE PERRAULT) ADAGP / Ingérop, MOE Ingénierie TCE / Une Fabrique de la Ville, urbanistes / CITEC, consultant mobilités / Agence TER, Paysagiste / UrbanEco, MOE écologue / Jean-Paul Lamoureux, consultant éclairage Athletes’ Village after the Games: More than More than FAMILY HOMES HOMES 2.220 770for students or elderly OFFICES, NEW AND REFURBISHED NEW DEVELOPMENTS PUBLIC FACILITIES (nurseries, school (crossing between the Ile-saint-Denis and Saint groups, an arts centre, a water sports Denis, burying power lines, noise barrier along centre). the south side of the A86). NEW GREEN SPACES Media Village after the Games : HOMES NEW PUBLIC FACILITIES 1.300 AND THE EXTENSION OF AN EXISTING 13 HA PARK S E M A N G E P 4 O 2 0 S 2 I R A P © Solideo, Illumens, Dominique Perrault / Ingérop / Une Fabrique de la 25 Ville / VITEC / Agence TER / UrbanEco / Jean-Paul Lamoureux

      4 THE PARTNERS, 02 VITAL TO THE SUCCESS PARIS 2 OF THE GAMES The partners, whether The partners also share Finally, the partners are TRUE worldwide (members of the IOC’s THEIR KNOWLEDGE AND AMBASSADORS FOR THE PARIS TOP programme) or national EXPERTISE, HELPING TO MAKE 2024 VISION, using their ecosystems (premium, o昀昀icial or supporters), THE GAMES RESPONSIBLE AND to spread the word (among their will play a vital role in the SUSTAINABLE. The implementation employees, customers, suppliers, etc.) organisation and success of the and participating fully in our heritage of concrete solutions within Pulse, the Paris 2024 Games. programmes. They help promote headquarters of the Organising sporting activities through Olympic Committee, illustrates this Day, and sport in schools with the contribution. For example, EDF is Olympic and Paralympic Week. Allianz, supplying 100% renewable energy, Beyond their 昀椀nancial contribution, Toyota and Groupe BPCE have shown they provide PRODUCTS AND produced in France, while Coca-Cola particularly strong commitment to SERVICES NEEDED FOR THE has provided water and soda these two annual events. They also ORGANISATION OF THE GAMES, fountains. This is the 昀椀rst stage in the encourage the Olympic and rollout of these solutions across all and operational support during the Paralympic athletes whom they competition venues, helping achieve event. Ten of the partners (Atos, sponsor – nearly 300 athletes in total our goal of sustainable Games, with a Alibaba, Intel, Omega, Panasonic, – to engage with the general public. minimal carbon footprint and zero Samsung, Visa, Orange, Cisco and DXC For example, FDJ, Bridgestone and single-use plastic. Technology) are already actively EDF were among the foremost players working with Paris 2024 on designing during the Tokyo Games live stream, technological systems and operations. helping to share the powerful emotions stirred up by sport with as many people as possible. Finally, our partner Orange, which is sponsoring the public marathon, is helping us realise an unprecedented vision: opening up an Olympic event to public participation for the 昀椀rst time in history. WORLDWIDE TOP Partners Premium TIER 1 Partners FRANCE O昀昀icial TIER 2 S 2019-2024 Partners E M A N G E P 4 O 2 O昀昀icial TIER 3 0 Supporters S 2 I R A P 26

      4 02 ENVIRONMENTALLY PARIS 2 RESPONSIBLE GAMES As the 昀椀rst Olympic and Paralympic Games that will It will identify all the ways in which it can prevent be organised in accordance with the Paris Agreement and mitigate the Games’ footprint throughout on Climate Change, Paris 2024 has been taking steps the organisational cycle. to CALCULATE THE PROJECT’S IMPACT ON Through this INNOVATIVE APPROACH, Paris 2024 THE CLIMATE AND THE ENVIRONMENT. wants to demonstrate a new organisational standard with regards to climate to help transform sports events. GAMES FOSTERING CLIMATE PROTECTION 1.PREVENTION AND REDUCTION Paris 2024 commits to halving the carbon footprint of the Paris 2024 Games, compared to previous editions. 2. OFFSETTING A昀琀er its prevention and reduction measures, 3. Paris 2024 will support carbon o昀昀setting ADDITIONAL initiatives such as carbon capture projects OFFSETTING or schemes that compensate for all To go a step further, carbon emissions linked Paris 2024 will fund an to the Games, including additional o昀昀setting spectators’ international programme in France, travel. These projects S thereby supporting the E will meet top current M emergence and A international standards N G development of climate E and will be run in all 昀椀ve P protection initiatives continents. 4 O that are still in their 2 0 infancy in the country. S 2 I R A P 27 East Road/Ascent Xmedia/Getty Images

      4 02 PARIS 2 RESPONSIBLE GAMES, SHOWCASING ECOLOGICAL SOLUTIONS 100% RENEWABLE ELECTRICITY generated in France will be used to supply the Paris 2024 venues thanks to EDF, Paris 2024’s national partner. Research into and experimentation with GAMES THAT PROTECT CLEAN SOLUTIONS for o昀昀-grid energy supply. AND REGENERATE CLEAN TRANSPORT for members of the BIODIVERSITY Olympic and Paralympic family. INCENTIVES TO PROMOTE THE USE OF Paris 2024 is assessing and implementing PUBLIC TRANSPORT (100% of venues an action plan aimed at CONTROLLING accessible) and so昀琀 mobility for spectators. ALL IMPACTS ON GAMES VENUES LOW-CARBON FOOD and sustainable catering in order to protect biodiversity and human health near the venues. services for Games participants. CIRCULAR ECONOMY principles applied to all the materials needed for temporary infrastructure. A RESPONSIBLE Contribution to the City of Paris’ initiative to PROCUREMENT ELIMINATE THE USE OF SINGLE-USE PLASTIC STRATEGY IS KEY across the Games. ZERO FOOD WASTE during the Games through 100% OF GAMES PROCUREMENT optimised ordering and preparation, and reuse of meets social and environmental criteria. all organic waste (composting or methanisation). FIVE EVALUATION Paris 2024 applies TARGET TO REUSE, recycle, compost or CRITERIA to its procurement: methanise 80% OF WASTE during the Games. - Circular economy - Carbon reduction and environmental protection - Social innovation - Inclusion of disabled people - Local value creation S THE POST-GAMES LEGACY E M IS ALREADY BEING CONSIDERED A N G as part of the procurement strategy E P in order to avoid waste at source and 4 O 2 promote reuse and recycling. 0 S 2 I R A P 28

      4 02 PARIS 2 TWO VENUES ARE ALREADY OPEN, SYMBOLISING THE ENVIRONMENTAL AND SOCIAL COMMITMENTS OF PARIS 2024 CHAMP-DE-MARS ARENA (GRAND PALAIS EPHÉMÈRE) Built on the Champ de Mars, at the foot of the Ei昀昀el – Grand Palais and Paris 2024. In 2024, the Tower, and opened in June 2021, the Grand Palais Champ-de-Mars Arena will host the Olympic judo Ephémère is a temporary building erected by the and wrestling events, as well as para judo and Réunion des Musées Nationaux wheelchair rugby. This building is a model of sustainable temporary construction: Its wooden structure provides a VERY HIGH THE BUILDING CAN BE DISMANTLED AND LEVEL OF ENVIRONMENTAL PERFORMANCE: REUSED a昀琀er the Games as part of its legacy and the framework of the Grand Palais Ephémère is sustainability strategy. estimated to have captured 1,956 tonnes of CO2. S E M A N G E P 4 O 2 0 S 2 I R A Rmngp/Wilmotte&Associes/Paris 2024 P 29

      4 PULSE, 02 THE ORGANISING COMMITTEE’S HEADQUARTER PARIS 2 DES JEUX OLYMPIQUES ET PARALYMPIQUES DE PARIS 2024 An energy e昀昀icient building, Pulse has served as the HQ of the Paris 2024 Organising Committee since January 2021. Until 2024, Paris 2024 will be striving to reduce the environmental impact of the operations and services required to safeguard its sta昀昀’s well-being. CIRCULAR CARBON ECONOMY REDUCTION Zero food waste: Low-carbon building: optimised ordering and storage systems, the building’s collection and structure consists methanisation of 6.000 m3 of organic waste, of a mixture of distribution of food wood and concrete parcels to charities. materials; Zero single- 12,000 litres of use plastic: no rainwater can be disposable tableware collected. or plastic bottles. Low-carbon, plant- Eco-responsible based food in the company canteen. furniture: Gentle mobility ecologically for employees: designed furniture 375-space bicycle and solutions for the garage, more than reuse, repurposing or donation of furniture eul 30 charging points and ten public a昀琀er the Games. y Courmac transport lines around the building. © Thierr 100% renewable French energy: 300 m2 of solar panels on the roof, INCLUSION LOCAL 100% renewable COMMITMENT energy (biogas and Building fully accessible to people with green electricity reduced mobility and training for canteen sta昀昀 1/3 of service from a French on how to assist them. providers from wind farm under Seine- Saint-Denis a direct contract) Inclusive recruitment for service providers: S and contribution to E 25% of technical maintenance sta昀昀 are disabled. for hospitality, M 60% of service providers involved in the maintenance and biogas generation A N G building’s operations are from the Social catering contracts, etc. from organic waste. E P and Solidarity Economy and two thirds of Comp any canteen Full o昀昀setting 4 O employees are participating in occupational serves 20% 2 of carbon emissions 0 integration schemes. local produce, S 2 linked to the I sourced within a R A building’s operations. P 200km radius. 30

      4 02 PARIS 2 GAMES THAT PROVIDE ECONOMIC OPPORTUNITIES FOR BUSINESSES Paris 2024 is the 昀椀rst sports event held in France to have taken innovative measures to o昀昀er small €5 billion and social businesses access to Games-related contracts. OF TENDERS published by 2024 TWO FREE TOOLS PROVIDING REFERENCES, by SOLIDEO and Paris 2024 for INFORMATION AND ADVICE for small local the organisation of the Games companies and businesses from the Social and (construction, events, catering, Solidarity Economy (SSE): hospitality, consulting, etc.). ENTREPRISES 2024, backed by the MEDEF (French employers’ association), for SMEs: SSE 2024, backed by Les Canaux and the Yunus Centre, for SSE companies: COMPANIES OF SOCIAL AND SOLIDARITY ECONOMY (SSE) ESS COMPANIES over have been awarded a contract 200 for Paris 2024 S OF PARIS 2024 CONTRACTS E M over 2/3 awarded to SMEs. A N G E P 4 O 2 0 S 2 I R A P 31

      Paris 2024 Open Games Brochure [COPY] - Page 30

      4 02 DRIVING PARIS 2 EMPLOYMENT AND TRAINING THE PARIS 2024 SOCIAL CHARTER Paris 2024 is committed to A CATALOGUE OF JOBS 2024 JOBS organising an economically and FOR THE GAMES socially responsible event. This In order to enable as commitment is embodied in the More than 昀椀ve years before the many people as 昀椀rst ever social charter in Olympic start of the Games, Paris 2024 also Games history, which invites all possible to apply for drew up a catalogue of the jobs French social partners to sign up these jobs, a virtual that will be created in relation to to 16 key principles. The primary agency called Emplois the organisation of the Games, in aim is to promote the integration order to: 2024 was launched in of vulnerable groups normally late 2021 at the IDENTIFY THE NUMBER AND excluded from the workplace and initiative of the French people with disabilities. TYPE OF JOBS required to public employment prepare and organise the Games service, Pôle Emploi. between 2019 and 2024. PREPARE, in conjunction with This online platform will public stakeholders, TRAINING inform jobseekers PROGRAMMES FOR THE ROLES about the roles and required to organise the Games. training courses PREPARE JOBSEEKERS available to them. It will also be shared with for the employment and training opportunities identi昀椀ed. other international sports events held in France for continued use after the Games. ©Benjamin Boccas 150 000 will be employed in organising the Games, between 2019 and 2024 NISA URIS RUC S A T M T T E G IO O NS I M R N T O O A O C N N G E P 78.000 60.000 12.000 4 O 2 0 jobs jobs jobs S 2 I R A P 32

      Paris 2024 Open Games Brochure [COPY] - Page 31

      4 02 PARIS 23 PROMOTING .2SPORT'S ROLE IN SOCIETY The legacy of the Paris 2024 Games is the heart of the project. In collaboration with its stakeholders, The aim is to harness the power of Paris 2024 aims to leave a useful, the Games to unite and inspire legacy for the local community communities in order to promote after the Games. sport’s role in society. The Paris 2024 Games will be a laboratory to generate solutions, through sport, to challenges including health and the fight against sedentary lifestyle, education, social inclusion, equality, solidarity and active mobility. In order to make this strategy a success and to enable it to survive beyond 2024, Paris 2024 has placed the sports movement at the heart of its plans and is building collaborative partnerships with existing groups ©Jean-Marie Hervio / KMSP who share the same vision. S An innovative impact evaluation process with the OECD E M A In order to help enhance sport’s contribution to society in general, Paris 2024 has launched N G E P a rigorous process to assess the impact of its actions. With the IOC’s support and the OECD’s 4 O expertise, Paris 2024 hopes to pass on to future generations a new set of tools to evaluate 2 0 S 2 the contribution of global events to local development and citizen well-being. I R A P 33

      4 02 MORE SPORT TO COMBAT PARIS 2 SEDENTARY LIFESTYLES Working on its conviction that sport is a powerful tool for enhancing health and well-being, Paris 2024 is committed to promoting physical activity across all age groups, starting with young people. MORE SPORT IN SCHOOLS: 30 MINUTES OF PHYSICAL ACTIVITY EVERY DAY Schools play an essential role in TEACHING APPROPRIATE SPORTS TECHNIQUES and enabling children to embrace activities and values that will stay with them for the rest Michel Cymes © P P HILI KMS of their lives. PP / Doctor and Paris 2024 E AU health ambassador MILLERE In partnership with Paris 2024, the Ministry of National Education, Youth and Sport has "Sedentary lifestyles and a lack of physical activity launched an experiment in which French primary are the fourth largest cause of mortality in the world. Yet, they are easily avoidable. If we are aware schoolchildren will exercise for 30 minutes each of the fact that we need to exercise and change our day. At the beginning of 2022, 7000 SCHOOLS, habits, we will really be able to change things in the reprensenting 500,000 STUDENTS are already long term. Action is absolutely vital." committed to the process. S E M A N G E P 4 O 2 0 S 2 I R A P 34 © Laura Gilli

      4 02 PARIS 2 © Studio MDF/ MORE SPORT IN LOCAL COMMUNITIES AND IN THE HEART OF CITIES MORE SPORT Paris 2024 and the Agence Nationale de la IN SEINE-SAINT-DENIS: Cohésion des Territoires (National Agency for Territorial Cohesion) are supporting and providing PARIS 2024 GAMES BACKING funding for cities with the "Terre de Jeux 2024" THE DEPARTEMENT’S SWIMMING label in their e昀昀orts to ESTABLISH ‘ACTIVE POOL PLAN DESIGN’ of urban public spaces, that promote and FACILITATE DAILY EXERCISE AND SPORTS PARTICIPATION through urban design Like the Olympic Aquatic Centre, a huge water (recreational urban furniture, 昀氀oor markings, sports complex that the whole country has been upgrading of stairs, urban lighting. This eagerly anticipating for more than ten years, 昀椀ve programme, which promotes the tangible and new swimming pools will be built or renovated in intangible legacy of the Games, will bene昀椀t 100 Seine-Saint-Denis, along with six gyms and sports towns and cities from the Action Cœur de Ville centres. In this département, where 1 child out of 2 network that have also signed up to the "Terre de entering secondary school does not know how Jeux 2024" initiative. to swim, the Games will provide new momentum for swimming education. The mobilised public funding (the State, the City of Paris, the Ile-de-France region, the Greater Paris metropolitan authority, the Département of Seine-Saint-Denis, the Plaine Commune) will contribute to the installation of new swimming pools that will be created or renovated. VenhoevenCS - Ateliers234 - Proloog S E M A N G E P 4 O 2 0 S 2 I R A P 35 Paris2024

      4 02 PARIS 2 SPORT FOR EDUCATION AND PARTICIPATION: GÉNÉRATION 2024 Childhood and adolescence are key times for learning the values of sport, which is why Paris 2024 has organised a number of initiatives targeted at schoolchildren. THE GÉNÉRATION 2024 LABEL is awarded to schools that commit to increasing the amount of time devoted to sport in their pupils’ daily timetables by: Promoting sports participation in collaboration with local sports clubs and host elite athletes. Promoting Olympic and Paralympic values and changing how people view disability. Participating in key Paris 2024 events such as Olympic Day and Olympic and Paralympic Week. Teachers can access educational resources and tools on the Génération 2024 website: more than S E M A 5.000 N G E P SCHOOLS across France 4 O 2 have already been awarded 0 S 2 the Génération 2024 label I R A P 36 © Jean-Marie Hervio / KMSP

      Paris 2024 Open Games Brochure [COPY] - Page 35

      4 02 PARIS 2 OLYMPIC AND PARALYMPIC WEEK: FIVE EDITIONS ALREADY HELD Our actions to Since 2017, all schools have been invited to take part in promote a more the yearly Olympic and Paralympic Week, which is inclusive society dedicated to the promotion of sports participation, citizenship and sporting values. OLYMPIC AND PARALYMPIC WEEK: in 2021, 80% of school- based projects were linked to The success of Olympic and Paralympic Week Paralympism and changing views on disability, including meetings 2018 2019 2020 2021 2022 between pupils and athletes. 80.000 180.000 450.000 500.000 700.000 AWARD OF THE GÉNÉRATION PUPILS PUPILS PUPILS PUPILS PUPILS 2024 LABEL TO SCHOOLS SPECIALISING IN THE EDUCATION OF DISABLED 3.500 SCHOOLS PARTICIPATED IN 2021 CHILDREN: this will help promote ALMOST 2 million CHILDREN REACHED SINCE 2017 sports participation among pupils ALMOST 200 ATHLETES INVOLVED IN EACH EDITION at these schools. 90% OF PROJECTS RELATE TO PARALYMPIC SPORTS CREATION OF A NETWORK OF DISABLED-FRIENDLY CLUBS AND CHANGING THE WAY DISABILITY IS SEEN IN 2022 in cooperation with the City of Paris and the Comité Paralympique et Sportif Français (French Paralympic and Sports Committee – CPSF). The multi- sports clubs involved receive training in sports participation for disabled members. This project will be expanded from 2022, with the participation of the Département of Seine-Saint-Denis and its clubs. ROLL-OUT OF THE #EXPLORETERREDEJEUX2024 PROGRAMME in cooperation with the CPSF and the Assemblée des Départements de France S (Assembly of French Départements E M A – ADF). “Explore Terre de Jeux 2024” N G promotes venues and trails E P accessible to people with special 4 O needs in order to encourage 2 0 S 2 them to increase their participation I R in outdoor physical activity. A ©PHILIPPE MILLEREAU / KMSP P 37

      4 02 SPORT FOR SOCIAL INNOVATION: PARIS 2 THE PARIS 2024 ENDOWMENT FUND In 2020, the Paris 2024 endowment fund was established as part of the Paris 2024 legacy strategy. Promised as part of the city’s bid to host the Games, the fund is designed to promote social innovation by SUPPORTING AND STRENGTHENING INNOVATIVE PROJECTS THAT USE SPORT AS A TOOL to respond to the major challenges facing society: health and well-being, education and participation, inclusion, equality and solidarity, and sustainable development. In particular, the endowment fund will be used to support and Examples of develop actors involved in the SPORTS MOVEMENT as well successful applicants as the numerous not-for-pro昀椀t organisations THAT ARE INVOLVED ON THE GROUND ON A DAILY BASIS. THE LÉO SPORT JOB Two calls for projects have already been issued in conjunction with PROJECT helps young the Agence Nationale du Sport (National Sport Agency), the Comité National Olympique et Sportif Français (French National Olympic people aged between 16 and 25 to re-enter the job market and Sports Committee) and the Comité Paralympique et Sportif thanks to a two-fold socio- Français (French Paralympic and Sports Committee), supported by professional and sports the City of Paris and the Département of Seine-Saint-Denis. coaching programme. SINCE THE ENDOWMENT FUND WAS SET UP IN 2020: THE NATUR’EST PROJECT promotes outdoor sport and €10 300 encourages people to change million projets their behaviour in order to HAS BEEN DISBURSED HAVE RECEIVED make physical activity an FINANCIAL SUPPORT €3.5 million by Paris 2024, environmentally responsible €6 million by its 昀椀nancing partners pursuit. 700.000 70% THE AVITSIM PROJECT people have benefitted of projects funded runs beginners’ para-rowing ARE LOCATED courses for disabled people (young people, girls, those IN PRIORITY AREAS using electrostimulation. with a disability, refugees, the vulnerable, etc.) The sports movement has been involved in all funded projects. S E M A N G E P 4 O 2 0 S 2 I R A P 38 ©skynesher/Getty Images

      4 02 PARIS 2 SPORT’S CONTRIBUTION TO SOCIETY KNOWS NO BORDERS In view of sport’s role as a lever for social change throughout the world and the universal appeal of the Games, the Paris 2024 strategy is also being developed at international level. Together with the Agence Française de Développement (French Development Agency – AFD), Paris 2024 has created an INCUBATOR TO HELP ATHLETES championing social and environmental projects in France and Africa. This partnership will also see calls for projects issued on a regular basis (starting in July 2021) in order to SUPPORT INITIATIVES IN AFRICA AND HAITI. ©Adam Hester/Getty Images Sarah Han昀昀ou Franco-Cameroonian table tennis player 2021 incubator programme Objective: to increase opportunities for girls to participate in sport 26 ATHLETES and 26 PROJECTS through a programme aimed at developing table tennis as in the inaugural programme an extracurricular activity accessible PROJECTS IN 11 COUNTRIES to all children. " In order to keep my project going (France, Benin, Ivory Coast, Togo, Senegal, in the longer term, I needed a regular Kenya, Cameroon, Ghana, Mali, Morocco, source of support. That is precisely what the incubation programme will provide. Democratic Republic of the Congo) S Within this group of people, I have found E M 8 MONTHS OF SUPPORT all the ingredients that helped me enjoy A a successful career in sport: (February to September 2021) N G a competitive spirit, supervision and E P A SECOND EDITION will be launched in training, and a desire to meet objectives. 4 O With a new coach and new team-mates, 2 it feels like I’m setting o昀昀 in pursuit 0 February 2022 S 2 of medals again!" I R A P 39

      4 02 PARIS 2 0 KEY INFORMATION 4 S E M A N G E P 4 O 2 0 S 2 I R A P 40 0

      4 02 PARIS 2 4 KEY MILESTONES .1REACHED 2018 2019 2020 2021 Establishment Defining strategic Games preparation Games preparation of the Paris priorities Celebration Launch of feasibility 2024 Organising Appr oval of the legacy Approval of the revised Games concept: and impact studies on Commission and sustainability strategy - Revised competition venue map approved city-centre ceremonies First two sessions by the Board of Directors by the Board of Directors with fewer temporary Installation of Organising of the Paris 2024 (January) competition venues Committee in its new Board of Directors Presentation of the first - Greater alignment of Olympic and Paralympic headquarters meeting (March version of the competition venues, with more shared venues Adoption of Paris 2024 and July) and venue map (February) - Confirmation of the four new sports by the IOC climate strategy initial review Launch of the ESS 2024 Executive Committee of the project - Appointment of stadiums to host football events Inauguration of the First meeting and Entreprises 2024 Safeguarding of Games operations: Grand Palais Ephémère of the Athletes’ programmes for local - Approval of the accommodation plan with Launch of second Commission (April) economic stakeholders hotel sector representatives (45,430 rooms Impact 2024 call (April) required during the Games) for projects and Paralympic Games Launch of the "Terre de - Signature of protocol between the State and first Impact 2024 orientation seminar Jeux 2024" label (June) Paris 2024 concerning safety and security of the international call with the IPC (April) Opening of the Vaires-sur- Games (scope and responsibilities) for projects Publication of the Marne Nautical Stadium, - Launch of working groups with public Start of building work Paris 2024 Social the first newly built Olympic authorities and all stakeholders concerning for more than half Charter (June) facility (June) the transport plan in order to provide optimal of SOLIDEO projects, Announcement of Unveiling of the new Paris transport services including the Athletes’ the first national 2024 emblem (October) Participation Village, the Olympic partner: Groupe Launch of the Paris 2024 Club (July) Aquatics Centre, BPCE (September) IPC approval of the Announcement of two new national partners: the Porte de la Paralympic competition Le Coq Sportif (March), Orange (October) Chapelle Arena and venues (November) Announcement of the first group of Games the Marseille marina Start of deconstruction Preparation Centres Announcement of S work at the Athletes’ Village Legacy and Sustainability new national partners: E (November) Launch of first Impact 2024 call for projects (August) DXC Technology, M A Announcement of two Adoption of responsible procurement strategy Cisco, PwC, Sanofi, N G new national partners: by the Board of Directors (September) Decathlon, Sodexo, E P EDF (November), FDJ Launch of the incubator with the Agence Française Accor, and Optic 2000 4 O (December) de Développement (French Development Agency – AFD) 2 0 Presentation of the main Infrastructure S 2 I elements of the Paralympic Start of Olympic Aquatic Centre deconstruction R A legacy strategy work (April) P 41

      4 02 PARIS 24 KEY MILESTONES .2UNTIL 2024 2021 2022 2023 2024 July January February February Start of Games observation Olympic and Paralympic Week Olympic and Paralympic Week Olympic and Paralympic Week and debrief programmes Mid-2022 During 2023 Early 2024 8 August Competition schedule Games ticket sales; Delivery of all new Olympic Closing ceremony of the by session (Olympic and Test event programme; venues Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games – Paralympic Games) Unveiling of torch and Launch of the Torch Relay handover of the Olympic flag medal designs to the City of Paris 23 June Mid-2024 Olympic Day 23 juin Launch of the Torch Relay 5 September Olympic Day Closing ceremony of the Tokyo August 23 June 2020 Paralympic Games – End of Games observation and Summer 2023 Olympic Day handover of the Paralympic debrief programmes flag to the City of Paris Seminar for Heads of Mission 26 July Autumn 2022 of National Olympic and Opening ceremony of the Autumn 2021 Paralympic Committees Paris 2024 Olympic Games Presentation of the volunteer Mascot strategy End 2022 11 August 1000 days to go until the Sport pictograms; Launch Closing ceremony of the Paris Olympic Games (31 October) of volunteer programme 2024 Olympic Games End 2021 28 August 1000 days to go until the Opening ceremony of the Paris S Paralympic Games 2024 Paralympic Games E (2 December) M A Presentation of torch relay 8 September N G strategy E Closing ceremony of the Paris P Presentation of concept 4 O and location for the Opening 2024 Paralympic Games 2 Ceremony of the Olympic 0 S 2 Games. I R A P 42


      4 02 PARIS 24 .4 S S E E M M A A N G N G E E P P 4 O 4 O 2 2 0 0 S 2 S 2 I I R R A A P P 45


      4 02 PARIS 24 .6BIOGRAPHIES Tony Estanguet Etienne Thobois Paris 2024 President Paris 2024 Chief Executive Officer aks aks ©Rudy W ©Rudy W An ESSEC Business School graduate and former slalom canoeist, Formerly France’s number one badminton player, Étienne Thobois Tony Estanguet is the only French athlete to have won three gold represented his country at the Atlanta 1996 Olympic Games. medals at three di昀昀erent Olympic Games: Sydney 2000, Athens A graduate of the ESCP Europe Business School, he has held 2004 and London 2012. Also a three-time individual world and management positions for a number of major sporting events, including European champion, Tony Estanguet was France’s flagbearer at Director of Finance and Spectator Services at the 2003 World Athletics the Beijing 2008 Olympic Games and was elected a member of Championships in Paris and CEO of the 2007 Rugby World Cup in France. the International Olympic Committee in 2013. He also sat on the IOC Evaluation Commission for the 2016 Olympic In 2015, he co-chaired, with Bernard Lapasset, the Paris Bid and Paralympic Games and is a member of the Badminton World Committee for the 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games and Federation’s Executive Committee. became the president of the Organising Committee a昀琀er the city Thanks to his career as an elite athlete and his experience as an was awarded the Games in Lima.. administrator, he possesses an excellent knowledge of French and global sporting issues. The CEO of Paris 2024’s successful bid, Etienne Thobois was subsequently appointed Chief Executive O昀昀icer of the Organising Michaël Aloïsio Committee for the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Chief of Staff of the Paris 2024 President Anne Descamps Director of Communications aks ©Rudy W A former elite taekwondo fighter and graduate of Kedge Business School, the Sorbonne and ESSEC Business School, aks Michaël Aloïsio worked for the French Taekwondo Federation for ten years, from 2000 to 2010. He then joined the sta昀昀 of the then ©Rudy W French Minister for Sport, Chantal Jouanno, before becoming an S Olympic attaché to the French embassy in the United Kingdom A public law graduate from the Université Paris II Panthéon Assas and the E for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Paris Institute of Political Studies, Anne Descamps was as a consultant at M A In 2013 he was appointed an executive representative of the communication consultancy Euro RSCG and then Havas before working N G French Committee of International Sport, created by the French for the Secretary of State for the Budget, Christian Eckert. She later joined E P National Olympic Committee (CNOSF) and the Ministry for Sport the sta昀昀 of Emmanuel Macron during his time as French Minister for the 4 O to define a national strategy for international sporting relations. Economy, Industry and Digital A昀昀airs, taking up position as a press and 2 0 In 2015, Michaël Aloïsio was named deputy CEO of the Paris communications o昀昀icer. Her next post was as Director of Development and Communications for the political party La République En Marche. S 2 2024 Bid Committee and then chief of sta昀昀 to Tony Estanguet, I president of the Organising Committee for the Paris 2024 Anne Descamps was then appointed Director of Communications for the R A Olympic and Paralympic Games Organising Committee for the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games. P 48

      4 02 PARIS 2 Jean-Philippe Gatien Marlène Masure Executive Director of Sport Executive Director of Commercial Development and Partnerships aks aks ©Rudy W ©Rudy W A graduate of the ESSEC Business School, Jean- Philippe Gatien A graduate of the Burgundy School of Business with ten years’ won men’s table tennis singles silver at the Barcelona 1992 experience in the FMCG and gaming industries, Marlène Masure joined Olympic Games, a world title in Gothenburg in 1993 and an The Walt Disney Company – the world’s leading media Olympic bronze at Sydney 2000, a career record that has made and entertainment group – in 2007, where she took on the role of Digital him one of France’s finest table tennis players of all time. Marketing Director before becoming Vice-President of Marketing A昀琀er retiring from his sport, he was elected chairman of the for all lines of business in France. In 2016, she also became board of directors of the French National Institute of Sport, Head of Advertising Sales and Partnerships. Expertise, and Performance (INSEP) in 2014. For 12 years, Marlène steered all the marketing channels for the group’s In 2015, Jean-Philippe Gatien was appointed Executive various brands (Disney, Marvel and Star Wars) in order to raise Director of Sport for the Paris 2024 Bid Committee, a post he now their profile in France and abroad. By promoting the group’s media holds with the Organising Committee. solutions and creating innovative brand content, she built strategic partnerships with big-name brands from the automobile, consumer goods, restaurant and distribution industries. Marlène Masure has been appointed Executive Director of Business Development and Partnerships for the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games Organising Committee. Georgina Grenon Director of Environmental Excellence Marie Barsacq Executive Director of Impact and Legacy aks ©Rudy W An expert in renewable energies and clean technology innovation, Georgina Grenon obtained an MSc in Chemical Engineering from the Instituto Tecnologico in Buenos Aires and an MBA from INSEAD Business aks School. She began her career in development at YPF S.A., a national oil company in Argentina. She then took up position as a director at ©Rudy W international strategy consultancy Booz Allen, devoting herself mainly A lawyer by training, Marie Barsacq worked for ten years to energy and operations and working in Europe, the USA, for the French National Olympic Committee (CNOSF), Japan and South America for nearly ten years. She moved on to become a devoting her energies to employment, training and qualification project manager for green industries at the Directorate-General of Energy in the sporting movement. She then joined the French and the Climate (DGEC), part of the French Ministry of Ecology and Energy, Football Federation (FFF), where she set up the Institute of where her brief was to support the development of renewable energy Football Coaching (IFF) before becoming the FFF’s policies and markets. She also represented France at the International assistant general manager for amateur football. S Energy Agency, promoting international cooperation in the creation of Marie Barsacq is also a member since 2018 of the Executive E markets, innovation and the deployment of clean energies, playing an M Committee of the French Football Federation. A active part at COP21 and, among other things, helping to create N G the International Solar Alliance. She then moved to ENGIE Group, Marie Barsacq then took up position as the Director of Impact E and Legacy for the Paris 2024 Bid Committee, and then P becoming director of the New Business Factory at ENGIE Fab. 4 O Georgina Grenon has joined the Organising Committee Executive Director within the Organising Committee. 2 for the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games as its Director 0 S 2 of Environmental Excellence. I R A P 49

      4 02 PARIS 2 Thierry Reboul Sophie Lorant Brand, Creativity and Engagement International Relations Director Executive Director aks aks ©Rudy W ©Rudy W A graduate from the Paris Institute of Political Studies and a A graduate from the Paris Institute of Political Studies, Sophie Lorant former Head of Advertising at Air France, Thierry Reboul founded started out in humanitarian aid and then worked as a journalist for TF1 the events company Ubi Bene in 2000. and France Télévisions before setting up an audiovisual production Under his direction, Ubi Bene became one of the most creative company. In 2007 she became the parliamentary advisor to Fadela and innovative companies of its kind, organising a number of Amara, the then Secretary of State for Urban Policies. She then spectacular events, including the projection of the image of joined the London 2012 Organising Committee of the Olympic and French basketball player Tony Parker jersey on the Statue of Paralympic Games as the Continental manager for the National Olympic Liberty and a Perrier-sponsored zipline o昀昀 the Ei昀昀el Tower. Committees of Africa. A昀琀er London 2012, she became the Head of NOC Thierry Reboul also designed a number of events for the Paris Services at the Baku 2015 European Games Operation Committee in 2024 Bid Committee, such as the installation of a floating Azerbaijan. athletics track on the Seine. Sophie Lorant joined the Paris 2024 Bid Committee as International He was then appointed Brand, Creativity and Engagement Relations Director, and, following the success of the French bid, took Executive Director for the Organising Committee for the Paris up the same position with the Organising Committee for the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games. 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games. Today she is in charge of NOC NPC relations and services, Protocol, Olympic and Paralympic family services, language services and International cooperation. Lambis Konstantinidis Director of Planning and Coordination, IOC/IPC Relations and IKM Anthony Piqueras Director of Venues and Infrastructures aks ©Rudy W aks A graduate in international relations from the Paris Institute of ©Rudy W Political Studies, Grinnell College and the School of Advanced Studies – Johns Hopkins University, Lambis Konstantinidis began An engineering graduate from the ESTP Paris, France’s leading school his career as the head of relations with African and French- of civil engineering, Anthony Piqueras embarked on his career at speaking countries for the Athens 2004 Paralympic Games. management consultancy firm Algoé, where he helped organise the 2007 He then worked as an organiser/consultant for the Turin 2006, America’s Cup and the French pavilion at Expo Shanghai 2010. He then Beijing 2008, Vancouver 2010, London 2012 and Sochi 2014 moved to Keneo (now MKTG Paris), a sports marketing agency specialising in the provision of support services to the organisers of sports events, Olympic and Paralympic Games, o昀昀ering his expertise in international relations and athletes services. From 2013 to 2015, where he was responsible for France’s bid to host the 2019 Women’s S he was Director of International Relations for the Toronto 2015 Football World Cup, and the Swiss bid to host the 2020 Winter Youth E Pan American and Parapan American Games before joining the Olympic Games in Lausanne. Initially a technical consultant to the Paris M Paris 2024 bid as its Head of Sport and Paralympic Integration. 2024 bid, he was appointed its Technical Director in 2015. A N G In 2015 the Governing Board of the International Paralympic Anthony Piqueras was then appointed Director of Venues and E Committee (IPC) appointed him a member of the Paralympic Infrastructures for the Organising Committee for the Paris 2024 Olympic P 4 O Games Committee. and Paralympic Games. 2 Lambis Konstantinidis is the Director of Planning and 0 S 2 Coordination, IOC/IPC Relations and the International I Knowledge Management (IKM) Programme for the Organising R A Committee for the Paris 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games. P 50

      Paris 2024 Open Games Brochure [COPY] - Page 48

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